Contractor # WOODFFH844PE
Oregon Contractor #212852

Wood Family Heating, LLC

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                   Regency F2500

  • Large fire viewing area, with heat radiating ceramic glass
  • Wood-finished handle
  • Heavy-duty cast hinges that will never bend or break
  • Solid forged steel adjustable cam lock ensures a tight
    door seal over time
  • Front-mounted air adjustment & catalytic bypass
  • Air & bypass safe operation tool
  • Easy-to-read catalytic thermometer helps your stove
    reach maximum burn times & efficiency
  • High-performance brick-lined firebox reflects heat
  • Non-obtrusive air wash curtain keeps glass clean
  • Welded ash lip will never bend or break
  • Rear heat deflector allowing for closer clearances
  • Mobile home (Approved in USA only) and alcove approved
  • 10-year, 100% coverage on the original catalyst

Our Vision

It is the goal of our company to provide excellent customer service, quality products and an excellent understanding of what it is our customers are asking for.  We strive for excellence in our work.  We strive for success in our business.  We strive for loyalty in our customers and we strive for acceptance of all as family.

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