All services come with a 90 day labor warranty.

Wood Stove & Chimney Cleanings

Pellet Stove Cleaning, Repair & Maintaince

During a chimney cleaning we not only brush your chimney, but also pay special attention to the condition of your chimney with a visual inspection. We will also clean and inspect your firebox, or wood stove, and alert you to any concerns.

Pellet stoves run best when they’re kept happy. Let us go through your stove and clean it thoroughly, including brushing the chimney out. With ash removed, your stove will work most efficiently and give you the most life out of your heater.

Gas Stove Cleaning, Repair & Maintenance


It’s true that gas stoves, generally, need less maintenance than any other heat source, however, they still need regular attention. On an annual basis, the pilot assembly should by taken apart and cleaned, burner checked for faults and to make sure everything is working properly.

Let our experienced technicians take care of the installation of your new pellet, gas or wood stove. Get the peace of mind of knowing that your stove was safely installed with quality workmanship by the people that know the local and national codes.

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